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Join a revegetation group

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Community groups are planting seedlings and revegetating our lost native bushes and grasslands. Why not join a group and do your bit for the environment?

The Australian landscape has dramatically suffered from the arrival of European farming and our clear-fell domination of the native environment. This decline continues, even though we know it leads to salinity, soil acidification and erosion. It's time to heal what previous generations have harmed. Now it is our responsibility to start fixing the environment. Membership and involvement in a not-for-profit community revegetation group will fund and support the planting of hundreds of native seedlings each year.

How to do it now!

Find and join a not-for-profit revegetation group in your community. Here's a start:

Latrobe City retains approximately 23% of native vegetation cover. Remnant vegetation is of the greatest importance, as the genetic diversity in remnant vegetation is irreplaceable. Biodiversity loss makes it difficult for our ecosystem services to adapt to change, decreasing the quality of air and water and the productivity of soils. Bushland remnants are also the best habitat for native birds and animals. They contain a range of nesting sites and food sources which are very difficult to or impossible to replicate in plantings.

Thirty percent of land with indigenous vegetation cover is required to maintain biodiversity, as below this the rate of local extinctions accelerates.

The Latrobe City Greening Latrobe Strategy aims to promote the protection of remnant vegetation and increase coverage of native vegetation in the municipality from the current 23% to 30%. The Greening Latrobe project aims to achieve this by working both within Council and the community to enable, educate and encourage residents to undertake remnant protection and revegetation projects.

Some of Latrobe City's Greening Latrobe initiatives include:

  • Native Vegetation Protection Incentive Scheme is a small fund set up to assist landowners in the municipality with the costs associated with protecting and enhancing native vegetation on their property. Incentives are available for landholders on private land to fund projects such as fencing off remnant native vegetation, installing nest boxes, undertaking weed control within remnant vegetation, and whole farm planning activities.
  • A rate rebate is also available for Trust for Nature covenant properties whereby landholders receive $100 plus $5 per hectare for land within Latrobe City which is covenanted with Trust for Nature. For further information on covenanting your property contact Anne Westwood, Trust for Nature 5678 8925.
  • The Latrobe City Community Tree Planting Trailer is a Greening Latrobe initiative which aims to increase the resources available to the community to help with projects which aim to protect native bush and revegetate cleared areas in Latrobe. The trailer stores tree planting equipment including hamilton tree planters and shovels and a water tank, and can be used to transport native plant seedlings to planting days. For further information on borrowing the trailer and terms and conditions of use see the link below. For bookings phone 1300 367 700.
  • Yearly revegetation projects to offset Council's fleet vehicle emissions.
  • Advice and information on revegetation projects including suitable species selection, planting densities, where to source seedlings etc.
  • Administration of the Native Vegetation Clearance Controls, whereby a planning permit is required to clear native vegetation. As a requirement of the permit the landowner must demonstrate how they have avoided, then minimised and finally offset the native vegetation they want to clear. For information on the removal of native vegetation follow the links below or call the Strategic Environment team on 1300 367 700.

A number of publications are available from Latrobe City Council Service Centres to help the community to plant, protect and enhance native vegetation:

  • Indigenous Plants of Latrobe City Revegetation Guide
  • Common Weeds of Gippsland, Latrobe City Weed Identification
  • Grow Me Instead! A Guide for Gardeners in the Gippsland Area

Latrobe City has many active community environmental groups, including:

There are also community groups supporting particular bushland reserves, rail trails and national parks, these include:

  • Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve
  • Crinigan Bushland Reserve
  • Jean Galbraith Flora Reserve
  • Ollerton Avenue Bushland Reserve
  • Traralgon West Railway Reserve
  • Morwell River Wetlands
  • Mathison Park
  • College Park and Sandy Creek Reserve
  • Wirilda Environment Park
  • Moe-Yallourn Rail Trail
  • Mirboo-Boolarra Rail Trail
  • Tara Bulga National Park
  • Morwell National Park

More information and contact details for the above listed groups can be obtained from the Natural Environment Sustainability team at Latrobe City on 1300 367 700.

Why is this action important?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the critical battleground for Australia over the next 50 years. We face a declining natural environment as a result of almost 200 years of mismanagement of our landscape, however well-intentioned some of the actions have been. As a result, we have dying river systems, salinity, soil acidification, invasive species and soil loss. To add to these problems is the emerging issue of climate change, including increasingly higher temperatures and scarce, yet heavy rainfall due to global warming. As a result we are trying to overcome human inertia and politics to revive a dying continent in a changing climate. The time has come to join up and help out those frontline groups implementing appropriate NRM practices across the country.